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  Slte sidewalk slabs are grey (black), residual argillaceous structure, plate-like structure, the protolith is mainly argillaceous, silty or neutral tuff, and then introduce the alteration, if there is a band, you can also write the distribution of the band, and the occurrence of the angle between the rock.


  Slate flooring can add different color styles to homes. They are very popular whether they are regular bricks or special shaped bricks. The color of slate comes from the color of the material itself. For example, rust colored slate contains a lot of rust and mud. Regular cleaning of slate floor helps to eliminate potential scratches and dirt deposits.


What you need: dust mops, dustpans, brooms, buckets, warm water, detergents, wet mops, doormats, vacuum cleaners, nylon brushes.




Step one: first use the non oil-based dust removal mop to remove dust before mopping the floor. Dust removal should be kept in the same direction, and do not move back or forth.


Step two: clean the rubbish with dustpan and broom. Put rubbish in the dustbin.


Step three: prepare a bucket of clean warm water. If necessary, add a small amount of detergent.


Step four: wet the mop mop and wring it.


Step five: mop the floor with wet mop.


Step six: do not walk on the wet floor to dry the floor.


Step seven: check whether there are any residual stains on the floor. Use clean water.

                                 slate sidewalk slabs



1. choose quality dust mops. After each use, you need to get outside to beat and dust.

2. dry mop with dusting mops daily or weekly. This depends mainly on the flow of people on the floor. If there is any gravel or dirt on the floor, it must be cleaned in time.


3. mop the ground according to the specific circumstances. The cleaning cycle can be one week, or two weeks or a month.


4. put a doormat outside the slate floor. Put a cushion inside the door to prevent the sand from entering the sole. The mattress should be sucked and sucked by the vacuum cleaner.


5. vacuum cleaners with soft brushes.


6. stains that can not be removed by mops can be brushed with nylon brushes or other non-metallic brushes. Clean water and detergent and rinse with water.


7. do not use dust mops to mop the floor.


8. avoid using plastic back mats.


                                 slate sidewalk slabs

The characteristics of slate sidewalk slabs

  The abrasion resistance of slate is the ability to resist abrasion, which is an index reflecting the degree of grinding and polishing of slate. The wear resistance of slate increases with the increase of rock hardness. The abrasion resistance of slate is represented by wear resistance (M), and M is equal to a certain area.

  The ratio of the lost weight (G) to the cross section (A) of the specimen after 100 times of grinding under a certain pressure is M = G / A (g / CM2).

  Wear resistance is an important index to measure the quality of veneer. If the abrasion resistance is too low, the ore is loose and not easy to polish. If the abrasion resistance is too high, the ore is too hard and difficult to grind, and the processing cost is raised.

                                 slate sidewalk slabs

  The strength of slate refers to the ability of rocks to resist external forces. It includes compression, shear and tensile strength of slate. The strength of slate mainly depends on the genesis of rock, mineral composition, rock structure, weathering degree, water content, the development of micro-fractures and the nature of fracture fillings, and other factors, but also related to the test conditions.

  Generally, the strength of rocks varies from magma to metamorphic rock sedimentary rocks. Under the same structural conditions, the rock strength increases with the increase of the content of high hardness minerals. The strength varies with the size of mineral particles.

  The strength of granular rock is 1-2 times higher than that of coarse grain. Rock with a single mineral has higher compressive strength. The shape of mineral particles also has a great influence on the strength of slate. Many kinds of minerals, such as columnar, plate and granular, are arranged irregularly. The rock composed entirely of granular minerals is of high strength. The mechanical strength of slate also increases with the increase of rock density. For example, dense crystalline marble is 2-3 times higher than coarse crystalline marble. The strength of slate decreases with the increase of porosity and water content.

                                 slate sidewalk slabs

  The nature of water absorption of slate is called water absorption, and the amount of water content is expressed by water absorption (water content).

  The water absorption of slate depends on the hydrophilic property of the mineral itself. If the slate contains strong minerals such as vermiculite and montmorillonite, the quality of slate is greatly affected by water absorption. Water absorption is also closely related to the size of porosity and pore characteristics of rocks. Generally, the larger the porosity, the greater the water absorption. But for closed pores, because the water can not be connected, although the porosity is large, the water absorption rate is not necessarily large. When the water absorption of the same rock type is low, the weathering ability of the rock is strong; otherwise, the rock is weak.

                                 slate sidewalk slabs

Packaging and delivery


Packing: strong wooden pallets


The time of delivery is 7-15 days after the deposit is received


Shipping Service


We can arrange transportations for you, or you can choose the one you like, Timely and delivery is our service tent.



Terms and Services

1,Price terms: FOB, CIF, CNF

2,Payment terms: By T/T 30% deposit and the balance paid before shipment.

3,Loading port: China Port.

4,MOQ: 1x2ft container, sample order is negotiable.

5,Package: Fumigated seaworthy wooden crates or pallets.

6,Delivery : Within 15-20 days per container

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